Tuesday, February 24, 2009

long weekend part iii


The rest of the group decided they wanted to get one more day of snowboarding in before the end of the weekend. Luckily, since I knew I would only be up for one day of riding and made plans to attend a yoga class and get a massage. Both were yummy and relaxing.

Sometimes I find spa massages a little too frou frou. Call me crazy but I like to be worked the hell out when I get a massage! This gal seriously knew what she was doing - none of that gentle, sweeping motion crap.

After stopping at Cows to get an ice cream cone, I made my way back to our condo. Bodies were sprawled out every which way. Everyone was exhausted though Hunny Bunny aka Mr. McBarfy was surprisingly alert so we decided to head out for dinner back in the Village.

Since the wait for a seat but 45 minutes away, we went down to the shops to see what they had available. Twenty minutes later, I was trying on this Burton Gore-Tex jacket. (I seem to always get caught up in blue whenever I look at new snowboarding gear. My old Roxy coat is also blue.)

Sadly, they didn't have my size.

Happily, I found it online for $50 cheaper when I got home. No tax. No shipping. No regrets.

Now I need new pants!

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drollgirl said...

ah!!!! i love when you find it later and CHEAPER!!!! i have been known to be shopping and to call the bf at home and have him check on line for better deals before i make a purchase. i am sure this sounds psycho, but congrats on your great deal!